Welcome: Endings and Beginnings

Welcome to Savage Tales of Eberron. Today we have some big changes coming.

First we want to thank you all for your support and listening to us since we started podcasting. We have had some significant life interruptions and changes to our scheduling recently, as I am sure you are aware. These have finally cleared up.

However these changes have lead us to the decision to end the Mourners of Lhazaar campaign prematurely. We apologize for the abrupt ending to the campaign. We know that this will come as a disappointment to many of you who have been following the Mourners of Lhazaar. We hope you understand. Sometimes life has a way of interrupting campaign arcs.

This does not mean however, that we are stopping. I am excited to announce that we have decided that our next adventure will be the Shadows of the Last War campaign arc. We want to run this iconic and original Eberron campaign arc to show to you what it is like to run a published Eberron adventure using Savage Worlds.

Additionally a few of our players have decided to move on to other exciting personal adventures. While sad, we wish them all the best and may the Sovereigns bless their journeys. There will be a few more weeks before our first episode of a new season comes out as we take the time to set up this new campaign. We thank you for your patience as we get this work done.

This work include a new website at the more properly named url of savagetalesofeberron.com. This under construction and will be worked on in the coming weeks. Additionally we are setting up our discord so our community of listeners can join us in discord for mid-week interactions, questions, and information.

We hope you rejoin us for this new campaign and thank you for all your support.