Welcome to the Savage Tales of Eberron podcast. We are an actual play group adventuring in the Eberron Campaign Setting created by Keith Baker and licensed by Wizards of the Coast using the Savage Worlds rules system created by the lovely folks over at Pinnacle Entertainment. We have been together since 2020 and started podcasting in 2021.

We love using Savage Worlds as a system to tell epic and amazing stories in the world of Eberron. We started podcasting out adventures to share with others what it is like to play in Eberron, and to use the Savage Worlds rules system.

We try to play and post episodes every week. Each season is a new adventure and can be picked up at the start of each season.

You can find us on Apple Podcasts, Podbean, and Spotify. You can engage with us on twitter at @SavageEberron.